Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Long Weekend

Good morning. We have just came out of a long weekend and I am off to a late start. Everything is back to front today but with a bit of re-arranging the day will happen.

A huge blessing this week!! A friend gave me some lemons from her garden and let me know I can pop around anytime when I run out. Whoohoo! They taste great!!

Yesterday I managed some letter-writing and these will be posted today.

Yesterday I also made a new batch of toasted Granola. This have proved very successful as it lasts over a week and is quick and tasty to prepare for hubby each morning. I just top with yoghurt and whatever berries are hanging around in the fridge. Easy as!

And look, I found a Keto Bun recipe that we like and works well filled with fried egg and salad, sauce or mayo, whatever, just load it up. Yum. 

Until next time, live life to the full ... Dot :-)

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