Tuesday, 17 April 2018

M ... is for

Hello. I have made a coffee and turned on my laptop to do the normal Tuesday morning tasks. Recently 'my garden' has been producing small tomatoes. I am collecting a supply and going to roast them to enjoy with meals. 

In the 'making department', I have been using up some yarn and this ball of yarn was one I hadn't used before. It is quite thick and knits up quickly but at the same time is very soft. I plan to source some more later and see what I can whip up (I only had the one ball to test).

Mash. This would have to be one of our favourite mixes to make up a meal. If I start with this and add a piece of meat, cheese or eggs it makes a complete meal. Sometimes we start with cauliflower and that is delicious mashed with pepper, cream cheese and butter. But, if you add a piece of sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and green, it makes it even nicer. 

Meal. This is by far hubby's favourite meal when we go out. Chicken Phad Thai is full of flavour as well as hot and delicious.

My morning meander!

Have a wonderful week ahead...Dot

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