Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Hello and welcome back. Hubby and I have been to see a really good movie. We decided to get a roast dinner before we set off with hankies to watch it. It was funny, thought provoking and very emotional.  

It's a pleasure to get mail! This week I received a couple of yarn parcels. These colours are brand new to me and I still have not taken them out of the box. I have, however, been working every spare moment on the other bag of yarn making beautiful cowels. 

We have had plenty of rain as the ground is quite wet and most mornings we find a heavy dew. The last 5 days we have had the most pleasurable weather. I put clothes outside and they dry, we can get outside and enjoy the elements; eating, reading, coffees, polishing cars, gardening. It has been wonderful.

Usual Sunday afternoon coffees with cheese and crackers but set up outside. 

I have only seen orange ladybugs, but this one was just as pretty, and tiny. 

At the end of nice days you can expect a beautiful sunset and they have all been different and a pleasure to admire. 

Have a great week ... Dot :-)

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