Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Something Good

Good morning and welcome to the first day of a new month and the last month of a season.

It's sunny today but cool. These days we need to rug up a little and we can enjoy the outside.

The mornings are chilly and the ducks let us know they think so too. They huddle out of the breeze, most with their heads down, and take a rest. Cute!!!

I usually have some knitting I am working on sitting near the leg of the kitchen table. When it is meal time, out come the cards and knitting and we eat, play and have fun. 
Call it what you like, multitasking, using time wisely I reckon!! It also helps you to eat slower. 

Another one done. This beanie is knitted in a bright cobalt colour. 

That's all for now. Things have been cruising along but now that May is here I need to motivate myself to do more. See you next time and ...

...have a great week ... Dot  

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