Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Hello and welcome to another week in the life of Dot's tidbits. 

This week, I made the dough I usually make into cinnamon sticks into rounds and wrapped them around a piece of apple. They were delicious for dessert warmed in the microwave and smothered in runny cream.

It was my MIL's turn to be creative last weekend. Because it was my birthday she asked us up for dinner on the day and cooked a load of yummy vegetables and served them with roast lamb and gravy. What more could I want to celebrate a special day? Gladly received and enjoyed. Thanks mum!

And this is me, 1 year older. 

Last night I commenced a little jumper which will have some stripes incorporated in it. Gorgeous tones of blue/grey. 

On my walk this morning the tide was a little out, but the sky is clear. I came home and put some washing out as there are showers forecast later in the day. 

Go girl ... Dot :-)

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