Monday, 20 January 2014

To Do List

Do you have one of these? Or more? At the moment we have them everywhere. More so at present than any other time as....wait for it...we have a wedding in our family. Whoohoo!!! D3 has met her man. He is a great guy and they both compliment each other well. 

Things are coming together. A day does not go by when we have either crossed something off the list or slotted something else in that we have thought of. I must say, things are going smoothly for which I am thankful.

This list was sitting in a pile on the dining room table. Today I decided to display it in the office doorway, and it has proved successful. This list covers the week of the wedding including the day after as there will be still 'stuff' to day after the big day.

At the front is hubby's list which is broken up into 'inside tasks' and 'outside tasks'. Over the way is my planner which is always not far from me. There are also little notes there for 'today without fail'. This usually means that time is running out for something to be done and today is the day. 

This might all seem chaotic, but believe me, to have a list to fall back on saves brain clog and allows everyone to think clearly.We try to sit down and watch a movie each night to tune out from the days events. Tonight hubby is still in the office as he has a deadline to meet and D2, D3 and I are watching No 1 dvd Fast and Furious. 

The most important list is the wedding invitation. The new couple designed and created them. They did a wonderful job. 

And last, but not least, our new 2014 Family Calendar. Each family has it's own column to note appointments and flights in and out (there have been a few of them) etc. Our family from WA will be here in 3 weeks. We are all looking forward to a wonderful time together. 

I hope you enjoy making your lists and seeing them completed, one task at a time....Dot 

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