Monday, 14 July 2014


Hi everyone. Love the date today? I have not been able to use it enough. I would have done years ago when I was full time in administration. 

Since I was here last, I have decided to go walking outside (weather permitting, rain that is) Monday to Friday. I like to see the town a little busy and as it is quieter on the weekend I would rather settle for the walker indoors. Summer might change that though.

One morning last week, I was up extra early and bolted out in the dark. I could barely see where I was going for the first leg of my walk. Since then my brother has put an 'assistant light' on my phone. If I leave a little after 7am it is light enough. If I wake extra early again, I will need that light. You just don't know!!!

My new recipe book stand arrived in the post. It is proving to be very useful as it holds all my larger cookbooks and is very sturdy.

One morning I got very busy and cooked up some basics that helped with meals for a few days.
Hummus, curried egg and pesto. 

Red Curry Pumpkin soup was welcome to help warm us up. It has been cold, but not as cold as some get it. 

We had a family meal on Friday night. These nights are always good. I had my brother and sister and their family around and they both brought some yummy desserts they had made. 

It's getting dark. I better go and close the curtains and start on pizza for dinner. 

If you would like any of my recipes, let me know. I would be happy to supply them.


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