Monday, 7 July 2014


Welcome to another week and the FIRST blog for the month. 

I am usually the First one out of bed every morning and this morning there was every chance of that happening. Hubby and I had a restless night (common of late) and so after my mind had been racing for over an hour with 'things to do' I got up. It was 6am and so I have accomplished quite a bit so far today.

Just a few things from last week:

Sewing: I spent some time in my sunny sewing corner and completed another 2 hand towels for the kitchen. 

Knitting: I am knitting myself some more slippers. This time I am going to knit up a spare pair as I wear them out too quick. My stitch markers arrived this week. Aren't they pretty? Green, of course!

Quirky: 2 eggs I broke to put into our Phad Thai this week were both double-yokers. 

Cooking: We enjoyed Lentil Hotpot infused with fresh kale from my garden. Also we had banana cake spread with some reduced mascarpone cheese I picked up when shopping. 

And today I made one of my favourites:

Rock Cakes. I have already helped myself to one with a cup of tea, delicious.

Enjoy what you are doing and I hope you are successful in your tasks. 

(a FIRSTborn) 

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