Monday, 30 June 2014

What did June look like

Welcome to the last day of June!! One month of winter gone and we are thankful that it was a mild one. 

During the colder months I pull out those recipes that help keep us warm and are full of goodness.

Last month we have enjoyed....

Beef Shepherd's Pie and Lamb Shank Soup

Split Pea Soup

Roast Lamb, Mash and greens

A few days were spent indoors as it was too wet and cold to venture out.

My cleaning this week took place with my recipes collection. This took a few days and still has a little more work to do to complete the task. 

I set myself up in  the family room and surrounded myself with books and lots of loose recipes. I have placed the recipes in a folder and have sections allocated to:


This morning I was privileged to have a visit from 2 girlfriends from the other end of the state who drove up yesterday to stay locally for a few days. One of the girls I had not seen for 10 or so years and we automatically started off where we left and had a wonderful time catching up over hot drinks. 

This week I plan to make a few vegetarian recipes. On the menu tonight is Lentil Hotpot.

Keep warm....Dot

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