Monday, 23 June 2014

Here I am

again, and a BIG Hello to all! Monday has come around again and today I have my niece with me who has had her tonsils and adenoids removed. She had the operation last week and is looking well. It is a great day to be indoors as the weather is quite wintry with lots of rain and wind.

I have cleaned out hubby's clothes. I had to retrieve the large coat hanger from the op bag. Thankfully he has not missed anything else and is keen to put things back there as he found them. 

 This is a hot-pad I completed for myself. 

I completed one of these cute teddy's. I had the body parts knitted; just had to sew them together and stuff him. He has gone to a little boy who always wants his older brother's teddy. 

On Saturday I went to a High Tea. Wow, sugar overload, but it was yummy. There were fancy and mini sized portions of biscuits, lamingtons, cheesecake, custard, scones, sandwiches. 
We were all spoilt. 

Speaking of food, I am getting hungry. Must go and prepare lunch...Dot

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