Monday, 16 June 2014

June 16th, 2014

Hi Readers

The last week has flown by. We have had some lovely weather and also had D2 home as she was not well. She has gone back to work today feeling much better. Because D2 had to rest, I was happy to rest along with her and took up some more knitting, crocheting and movie watching. We found ourselves having most of our meals in the family room to accompany her. 

This is a scarf I crocheted for her this week. She loves it!!!

I have not been in my sewing corner. I did, however, clean out my inbox etc on my computer. It was well overdue as there were emails sitting there from 3 years ago. It felt good to have this area cleaned up and then be satisfied to empty the recycle bin (squich). 

For winter I decided to take part in a Winter Swap with a yarn club. I received my first parcel this week. 

I received some beautiful wool that I plan to make into finger-less mittens. While making them I was given some mints to enjoy. 

Yesterday Hubby and I went for an afternoon drive. Just on dusk I was able to capture this with the pretty pink glow in the sky. So peaceful. 

Well, I have made a start this morning, and this week I am cleaning out our walk-in robe. It's a huge job that I tackle twice a year, so I am putting the cooler clothes to the back of the shelves and bring the warmer one to the front. At the same time a bag is being filled for the local op shop. 

Enjoy your week...Dot :-)

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