Monday, 11 August 2014



This week I received my last package for the winter swap I was involved in. 

In the package was some lovely yarn again, which I plan to make a basic but chic hat. Along with the yarn there was a pair of scissors, buttons and a couple of stitch markers. I was very happy with it. 

My sister and I have been busy with our crochet hooks this week again. 

I started out by using up a bag of chunky wool scraps into a hooded scarf. When my sister saw it she wanted the pattern and has made one for herself and another for her daughter. I am selling this one, but....

...I made this one for myself. 

My daughter (D2) has been making me a batch of popcorn most nights over the last few weeks. The other night I asked her to make her recipe of Butter Nut Caramel popcorn instead. She was happy to oblige and so we polished that off over the evening. Hubby does not like popcorn, so we have it all to ourselves. What a treat!!!

She has the popcorn made here and is just about to mix in the melted butter, sugar and honey. She also adds some peanut butter at some stage too. It's nice warm (which we sampled) but later we had it from the fridge and it was just as enjoyable. 

Tomorrow night Hubby and I collect D3 from the airport. She is coming to stay for a few days and I am so excited. I love my family so much and always look forward to catching up with regularly through Instagram, email, skype and snail mail.... but 'in the flesh' is the best!

Have a great week, I will.....Dot :-)

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