Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I'm Back ...

... and I loved my time away.

Gran (mwah) made mini pancakes and I was surprised to see what G1 was about to tuck into one morning.

D2 made the girls some paper hats.

Whenever D2 pulled out her phone or ipad the grandies were very near, keen to add there bit to what was happening on the screen. 

The grandgirls loved my fingerless mittens, so I was asked to make some for G1. Here she is posing for Gran in the midst of my craft time with their mother. 

Soon after G1 had her gloves on, G2 asked Gran to make some for her. She was keen to help Gran make them and sat there for ages distributing the wool. 

On our way into town there was canola spread out everywhere like bright yellow carpet. Can you see it?

And back home it is freezing. We had hail yesterday!

Until next week. keep warm ... Dot

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