Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tuesday 25th

Good morning. I am feeling a lot better and able to move about slowly. While relaxing over the weekend I was handed a yummy piece of homemade quiche for lunch. I had set myself up on our bed along with reading material, nexus, phone, knitting, drinks, etc. 
I have been knitting hubby a new scarf. I have been picking it up every day and doing some rows and trying to get to the end of a 200g ball. Nearly there!!!

These are all the way from Western Australia and I was given some to try. They not only smelt good, they tasted good too. 

Yesterday morning I needed to top up the snacks for morning tea. I put on a CD (Tenors) and spent some time in the kitchen. These are a basic muffin recipe in which I used coconut sugar and spelt flour but I also slipped a piece of spiced pear in the middle. 

I can hear one calling me now. Might make a coffee to go with it. 

.... Dot

ps. the weather has improved out of sight. We are having a week of morning frosts followed by sunny days. The clothes are drying outside. 

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