Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Good ah!!!  And it is. The sun is shining, the birds are laughing (kookaburras) and chirping and I have a spring in my step. 

D2 had her rostered-day off yesterday and so we went for a wander around town. We called in to check our  friend's lemon tree and it was loaded. So now I have a bowl full in my pantry to enjoy. Crepes anyone?

This plum tree gave us an abundance of fruit last year and we are currently using them from the freezer in our smoothies. It looks like it will do well again early next year. It certainly is a pretty site to spot as I hang the clothes. 

Gourmet omelette. We had eggs, tomato, mushrooms and olives to use up, so we added some fresh kale and grated cheese on top. Once browned under the grill it made a yummy easy lunch. 

I completed Hubby's scarf and he wore it on Sunday. I also made some more mittens and had a go at making this daisy coaster. It has a bright yellow centre even though it does not show up well in the pic. Pretty. 

Have a great week everyone! ... Dot

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