Monday, 14 September 2015


Hello, oh it is Monday!!!. Yes, this week I needed to put my post up today as the rest of the week is taken up with other things.

With the changes to warmer weather and the sun coming up earlier, hubby and I decided do our morning walk. We adjusted the alarm and started the day off well. 

Over the weekend we moved back into our corner of the home. Today I pretty much moved everything back in so we can use all the rooms. There is still a bit of sorting to do but it can wait for now. 

I have started to do some colouring in. I have always loved it and it has been great to sit in the afternoon sun at the dining table and do some colouring before I start on the dinner. 

This is a chicken bean bag I crocheted and there is a baby chicken on the way. I stuffed it with some dried beans that are out of date. 

The post brought me a lovely package my way. I am going to make some fingerless mittens from each colour while I am on holiday next week. I have wound off the required amount into smaller balls to take with me. 

Another page I have coloured in. The are a delight to do. You can find a variety of these books at Kmart,  your newsagency or post office. Mindless colouring in, great idea! 

Anyhoo, I am off to do some more packing. I hear thunder, so I reckon we are in for some rain. We haven't had any for at least a week. 

I will be back in October ... Dot 

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