Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Hello Readers. I am back on board from a lovely holiday. Hubby and I were invited to join D3 and her hubby (S2) on a 2 week trip to New Zealand. This was a first for all of us and was a real experience.

We flew into Auckland and stayed there a couple of nights and became familiar with most of the towns listed here.  

The first place to visit on our itinerary (which was cleverly put together by D3) was the Auckland Zoo. 

In the aviary, hubby was able to get up close and personal with this pretty bird.

This is too personal for our liking. Most were shocked and in awe as we viewed from the window. 
There were elephants, giraffes and hippos and we took the good part of a day to get around the zoo. 

A day was spent at Hobbiton Movie Set. This was certainly an eye opener. During the next few days we were viewing the movies again to see where parts of this set fitted in. 

We stayed a couple of nights in Taupo (toe-paw). The drive from Auckland to Taupo was magnificent. Mountains everywhere. I will post some pics next time. 

We visited the dam wall just outside of Taupo. It is let go 3 times during the day and we walked to the nearest lookout and waiting for the event. It was spectacular!!!

A few days into our trip, hubby and I went with the others to enjoy a Thai meal. We loved it so much that over the remainder of the trip we found 4 other places to dine or take away. Must say, we have a liking for Thai food; and the service was always gracious. 

That is all for today. I will share some more of our trip next week ... Dot

Before I go, it is a special day today for S2.

Happy Birthday!!!

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