Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Zealand

Good day! Today I will continue on with what we got up to in New Zealand. 
We took up a 45 minute walk to visit the Craters of the Moon. 

It was just amazing to see spots here and there of hot steam and yet the day was chilly. We were rugged up and when you had the opportunity to get close to one of the craters, you certainly could feel the heat. 

A must for every holiday is to visit a museum and we did. We went to the Te Papa National Museum which covered 6 floors. Of course, we did not get through it all but did cover a lot of interesting areas. The Gallipoli: The scale of war, was a very tranquil area to stroll through (no prams or bags allowed).

We made it to the bottom of the North Island and took the ferry at Wellington to Picton on the South Island. 

It was a very early start and Day Light Savings had kicked in over night for New Zealand. We were the first to get to the terminal; we had the pick of where to 'take up sitting while we waited'. It was not long and the placed was packed. Once we boarded we were fortunate to get a window seat and it was not long before some of us got a little 'shut eye'. 

"From the mountains to the valleys, hear our praises rise to you"

We were in awe of those majestic mountains and the beautiful countryside. 

We were making our way to Queenstown and on the way we pulled up for lunch at Fox Glacier. We chose to eat at a rustic pub that had candles lit all around the rooms and an open fire blazing around a corner. It was comfort plus.

Next week I will give you a taste of Queentown, New Zealand. Have a great week ... Dot

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