Tuesday, 27 October 2015


This month on date night, hubby and I headed up the coast and along the way hubby asked if I was going to take a picture of the tulips. I immediately pulled out my phone (as we were nearing the spot) and set it up to take a pic. Well we were running late, so we could not pull up, we had cars up our bum and were about to emerge into a passing lane so hubby wound down the window and said "go for it'.
Not too bad of a pic of this glorious carpet of colour.

The other day I was doing something without any background noise going on and I heard this tapping going on up in the family room. Lo and behold some cute (but probably pests) birds were admiring themselves in their reflection and flitting about everywhere. They had fun and I had fun trying to get them into a shot. (one pic had no birds) 

I completed a chick to go with the mother bird this week and posted it off for a secret pal. The recipient is the sole female in a home full of males so this should add a little sweetness to her kitchen. 

On Saturday, hubby had a loan of some ramps and fixed his car. It worked!!!! We were both so pleased. He had to replace a little part and away it went. Mr Fix-it, done it again!!

I now have my car back but it is still in the drive. I am so used to not having it and I love to walk everywhere now the sun is out most days. 

Enjoy your week ... Dot

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