Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Hello Everyone. 

The weather is warming up and its funny how the heater is not on so often and we are not putting on those scarf and mittens quite so much. They are not packed away yet. It's still cold but it is amazing how the sun makes you feel. We even had a salad for lunch over the weekend. 

The other day I cooked some fruit wraps which we have not had for ages. All it took was putting some diced strawberries and bananas along with maple syrup in a wrap and frying them both sides in a lighty oiled pan to crisp and warm up. Delicious.

Our foyer has had new floor coverings. It looks so much better and we put the same covering in our ensuite. It will be warmer under the feet instead of cold tiles. 

Just what hubby wanted on Father's Day.

And this topped it off with all the family joining us from all over Australia. Blessed!!!

I found a headband pattern on Ravelry and made it up. It was so big it covered the entire head like a hat. So I revamped the pattern and cut it down considerably and now it is perfect. This is for D3, D2 wants one and I may even make one for myself. This wool is from Spotlight. It is a purple mix and is so pretty. 

Have a great week ... Dot

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