Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hello everyone. Thanks for popping by. Today I wanted to share with you a job that I find I have to do every now and then. Mending. 

I don't usually mend something straight away unless it is needed, so a pile usually generates and then one day ... I sit down and get into it.
The other day was 'that day' and it left me feeling good. 

At the top of the pile was the top sheet from our bed. The hem had come away and it was starting to fray (on my side). So I took in a hem all the way across the sheet, then top stitched and found I still did not catch a piece so I added a patch. It gets tucked in anyway. I was in a bit of a hurry for this one as I wanted to put it back on the bed. 

Then I had some tea towels that were gifted to hubby and I when we were married. They are old but they are the best dryers. I patched some holes and backed them with iron-on interfacing and for little holes I used the darning stitch on my machine. They have a new lease of life.

At the bottom of the pile was a pair of shoes that I wore a hole in them where they were only new. It was bothering me and so I put them in the mending pile and thought about it for a few months and decided to sew a mini doily patch onto it. It looks much better than a frayed hole. I will use them as back up for walking shoes. 

And look what darling D2 cooked for us over the weekend. Who doesn't enjoy a good meal of pasta?

Be good, keep smiling and live life to the full ... Dot

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