Tuesday, 23 February 2016


We have added sushi to our diet recently and I tweaked a recipe to suit the tastes here and it has proved a very successful bite to eat over the weekend.

I make sure I keep stock in my pantry of tuna, sushi rice and nori sheets. That means toward the end of the week I only need to find a ripe avocado.

A few hours before you want to serve the sushi, I cook up some rice as per the packet instructions (I use absorb method) and when cooked add 1Tb rice wine vinegar, 1 Tb coconut oil and dash sea salt. Stir this thru and put in a container in the fridge until required.

In another container to be kept in the fridge I mash an avocado with lemon juice and add to that: 

3 Tb Mayonnaise (home-made if you can)
chopped parsley
drained tin tuna
drizzle honey

Mix well together and store.

An hour before you want to serve your sushi it requires to be prepared and left in the fridge so the nori will soften a little.

If you purchase a bamboo sushi mat (I am having a loan of one) and follow the directions on the packet ....

... wallah!!! ... you will get this. 

If I had all the bits made up now I would be tucking into some. 

Never mind, the weekend will be here soon enough ... Dot

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