Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Good morning readers.

This morning I headed out for a walk and met up with D2 (daughter 2) and we ventured out for a lengthy walk which included a little jogging along the way. 

There are still plenty of caravans parked down by the river. In fact there are several places they have been parking and enjoying our little town.

As you can see by the water there was a bit of wind. These ducks ventured out.

Around further, these guys were thinking about it.

On my way home. 

This week I picked a bucket of apples from a tree that fruits later. We have been enjoying these ones in smoothies. They have a sweet/tart flavour. There are still plenty left on the tree.

These are the first pick of granny smiths. I planted this tree a few years ago. There are still a few small ones left on the tree which I will collect next week. These ones I have been using in our CADA for breakfast. 

Don't forget to change your calendars ... Dot

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