Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Hello readers and welcome to Wednesday. Trust you all had a wonderful time over Easter and enjoyed a little break.

Hubby and I headed to our capital (Hobart) and spent 5 wonderful days catching up with family, friends and generally having a relaxed time together.

We allowed ourselves one morning for shopping and did so in the city centre. I picked up some drastically reduced summer pajamas and some wool. 

My 'holiday craft project' was crocheting squares with 4ply printed yarn which I doubled to make them the size I wanted. I love how the colours are coming up. 

I have quite a collection going and am getting 7 squares from each ball of wool. I still have 4 balls to tackle yet which will give me enough squares to make into 2 bags.

On our way home yesterday we called in for a family dinner. When we ventured outside the sunset was set for a picture.

It's nice to be home and enjoy our brew.

Until next week (which will be back to Tuesday) have a great one.

... Dot 

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