Tuesday, 22 March 2016

This AND That

Hi there!!! 

My morning routine has changed over the last couple of weeks. I set up my juicing machine and have been making myself a juice using apples (which I have in abundance) and also some kale or silverbeet along with carrot. This morning I had an orange to add to it. They have been delicious. Hubby is unable to tolerate juice so he is happy with muesli. On the weekends though we enjoy our blueberry pancakes.

During this last week I planted some seeds and set them up at a sunny window. There are 5 rows. From left to right I have planted Kale, Lettuce, Pak Choy, (these are what you see) Parsley and Spring Onion. The last 2 rows are yet to say 'hello'. 

From the garden I have taken the last of the tomatoes. There is still silver beet to use and the strawberries are having a second wind so every couple of days I am able to retrieve a handful. 

There is also a whole bed of potatoes which is starting to dry off. I did not pinch any chats so we should get a few meals from there. 

Once these babies are fully grown they will go outside into beds which are waiting for them. 

We have seen some pretty pinky/peach sunsets lately. 

Easter is coming up this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful few days and are able to catch up with family and friends.

... Dot 

Ps: I won't be back until next Wednesday. 

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