Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Hello and thanks for popping by.

Recently I have spent most of my time upstairs and hardly venture down to my studio. The mending is piling up again down there and I have quite a few things to complete. We have a long weekend coming up so I might have to put in some sewing. 

In my 'favorite corner' I have been making Mandalas. They are such fun to do. I purchased some Drops Paris yarn which is 100% cotton and it has proved to be a delight to work with. The colours are rich and beautiful. 

At the dining table, I am getting to the end of the Luxury 10ply yarn. I am doing a cushion cover and with the last of the yarn scraps I might do some mini pom poms for the corners. 

Tonight for dessert I am making an apple pie to go with dinner. I still have lots of apples and plan to get out my juicer next week and make some fresh juices for breakfast and serve a glass with a piece of toast.

While sitting here in my office this morning, I heard a bird through the open window and spotted a parrot making a meal of the red berries on this shrub. 'Hello!!'

Need to pop down town shortly. On my list is to find some buttons for the cushion cover.

Enjoy making ... Dot

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