Tuesday, 15 March 2016

This is funny

Good morning and welcome to my blog.

I popped down town last week as mentioned, and surprised myself at how I have gained confidence in not taking the 'said item' with me to buy accessories. I picked some buttons, brought them home and look!!!

They match beautifully. 

Now this is funny ...

Hubby's sister (Fuzzy)has been home to spend a few days with her parents and she sent through some texts to me asking us out for tea. I confirmed and heard no more and but gathered that tea would be served about 6.30.

Hubby was late home but we arrived out there on time and as we walked through the back door we heard cutlery. We looked at each other and commented "they have started without us", which they never do. 

On opening the slide door to the kitchen they spotted us and mayhem erupted. Fuzzy had sent texts through which I did not receive (I still have not received them); mum had cooked a hot lunch and so they were having toast for tea.

We were keen to have the same, but mum produced frozen meals, we declined, Hubby said we would just go back home, Fuzzy rung the local store to see if they would cook fish and chips (they were closed), mum pulled out frozen hamburgers, we declined, then she got in and put frozen fish and chips into the oven and made a small salad. 

Meanwhile we sat and enjoyed a piece of toast and jam and the laughter continued.

When we were served our meals, Dad sung out to mum 'wifey, I would like a chip'. 

He was happy with his chip. Goodness me!!!

The evening continued with going through old photos and we had a wonderful time together. 

Tonight, all the family are gathering out home for dinner as Dad turned 85 today. Wow!!!

We are in for another great night ... Dot :-)

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