Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Hello Everyone. I love to see colour and the other day I walked around outside to see what colour I could find in my garden. I didn't expect to find much as we have had a dry summer. As you can see above, there was quite a bit of orange in different spots but I left it there and wasn't tempted to bring any indoors.

Yesterday hubby and I were invited to have lunch with D2. She cooked up a colourful red quinoa pilaf and melted camembert cheese (with garlic and rosemary infused in it) along with fresh potato bread. Delicious and very filling.

Today I minded a cute and colourful niece who was decked out in hot pink and hot orange. This added some lovely colour in my day. 

Until next week, I hope you all enjoy some colour here and there to add to your days... Dot

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