Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Out and About

We are enjoying and taking the benefit of Daylight Savings. Hubby gets home from work and off we go for a walk. He likes to take a different track each time and so it has made it very interesting, hand in hand. 

He had a birthday this week and we were invited to his mums for dinner. She had silver-side, vegetables and dessert.  I made Ginger Cups to go with dessert. 

Yesterday hubby collected me to go with him to a nearby town as he had a job for work to do. I went for a walk. It was very windy but the temperature was a comfortable 17 degrees.  

The thongs came off as I enjoyed a jaunt along the sand. Windy as!!!

After a delicious lunch together we made our way back to town. 

And we have been getting outside and using the deck for coffees and meals. Look at that magnificent Golden Elm in the background. Beautiful!!!

Have a great week. Get up to 'something good', and enjoy life ... Dot 

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