Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I have to apologise that I have been absent from my blog the last couple of days. The truth is the weekends are usually full and so this last one was no different. We held an early Fathers Day dinner with my hubby's siblings and families on Sunday night as we are going away in FOUR sleeps and his parents are too. We are not going to the same location; they are off the QLD and us to WA. And the clock ticks on.....

We have never had a shortage of clocks in our home. My mother made sure that we had a few clocks in our new home when we were married (still have them as you will see), as you needed to keep an eye on the time. I have found I am lost without them and actually have one or more in each room.

A wedding gift as it matched our pine dining table.

this one is just as old, may have to be replaced when we renovate the room as it is deteriating.

I like this 'clear, easy to read' clock.

this was a gift from our lovely staff when we sold our business back in 2004.

And last but not least, this one was inherited from my mother's things. One of my daughters brought it home. It is a noisy ticking clock. It did not stay long in their bedroom before it made its way into the office. Its now settled in the family room but it has had a couple of nights in the laundry.

Keep ticking.....Dot

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