Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hello. Hope you have had a great day today being a Sunday. We had a great time at church. Girls and I called out to see my in-laws and they were well. We ventured into a nearby town and bought some hot chips to share. It was very windy today, 63km, and chilly. I went over the back yard this afternoon and had to look twice. There was some ice banked up against the shade cloth around my vegie patch. Apparently we had hail today. Wow!!!

For my LOGO today I chose.....

.....the LOGO on the olive oil I buy most of the time. Tonight I used it to make dinner: Cannellini Coconut Cream. We serve it with rice. It is a quick delicious recipe.

Off to have dinner and sit with girls and watch a girlie movie...Dot.

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