Tuesday, 21 August 2012


What I am about to share with you is both cool in temperature and 'hip' cool. I have had this Chocolate Tart on my 'to do' cooking list for a while now. I got down to cooking it yesterday. We tried some last night and some today for lunch. I have frozen the rest to see how that goes. We will pull out to try next week. It makes enough to feed at least 10 serves but only 3 of the 4 of us here tried it. It is not for the 'sweet tooth', but for those who are cutting the sugar back. I put fresh banana slices in between the base and filling. Next week I will try and get hold of some strawberries to serve with it. Hubby loved it and did not want to know what it was made out of, but I could not keep it to myself as I was amazed that something so different could make something so 'cool' and delicious.

The main ingredient in the filling is avocado.

Its starting raining here, cool .......Dot

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