Monday, 8 September 2014


Hi Family and friends
Have you ever had a broken nights sleep? I thought it would be over when the children were grown up and at the moment it's just hubby and I. He hasn't quite got over the cough and so last night did not take any tablets and was up about 3am and then that was it for me. Broken sleep until the alarm sang out at 6.50 and I did not want to get up. Of course, I pushed myself and have been getting all the things done that I need to ahead of time in case I crash early this evening. 

Last week I started an 8 week course in Calligraphy. There are about 12 in the class and we had a great time having our first go at what should become an easy art of the writing. 

These were my first attempts on that day and I must say with further practice I have improved a little. 

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day and Hubby was able to get a major job crossed off the list. 

He did a few things on his para glider. I asked him to find up the camp chairs and we enjoyed lunch outside. 

We had a great weekend. Fathers Day was special for Hubby as we were able to Skype 3 ways with family and had a clear reception.

Off to get a cup of tea....Dot  

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