Tuesday, 23 September 2014


In the last week a milestone was reached. D2 turned 30!!!. We had family over for dinner and celebrated together. There was plenty to eat with much to choose from. Shepherd's Pie, meatballs, steamed vegies, savoury glazed chicken, dip, hot potato chips and pavlova for those who were not watching their sugar intake. 

My brother made the pav and he put 3 candles in it, which we lit and all sang 'happy birthday'. It was a great night of laughter and chatter. I always love family time together. 

Hubby got out at the weekend and cleaned his para-glider. He is selling it. Not getting out of flying just yet though!!

He has looked after it very well. Someone has only to buy it and fly away. 

Yesterday I was up the coast and just crossed the road and there beside me was....

...a magnificent patch of pink tulips coming out to bloom.

Enjoy Spring....Dot

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