Monday, 15 September 2014


Well it's the middle of the month and I always check my spending so far in the month to see if I need to curb it in some ways to make the budget work at the end of it. (We are going well this month!!)

Last week was a surprise in the weather. It turned cold and wet but today is bright and sunny. Saturday was a little overcast but Hubby and I quite enjoyed it as we got out to the front of the house and cleared a lot of the garden. We packed the trailer well and only had to give up one ticket when we went to the tip. 

Look what came in the mail for me. I won a voucher to spend at a bookstore because I found the 'pot' in Road Assistant magazine that comes to me monthly. I don't actually always find the pot. Hubby found it for me this time. We find we have to sit in good light, so lunch time is a good 'round the table' activity. Does that mean now that I have to give up my voucher? Naaah...I sent through the email (hee hee)

The baby blanket is nearly finished. I am just hand stitching the binding to it and I don't have far to go.

I am making up a little cushion to match. Just pinning it here.

The spring flowers are gorgeous. I have fuchsias throughout the garden in different colours. The daffodils on the kitchen bench are from up the coast and outside you might spot the camellias.  There are different colours of those about too.

Have a great week everyone....Dot

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