Monday, 10 November 2014

I do this every Monday

Every Monday morning you will find on my daily list to do this blog and follow it by emailing my daughters. I must admit there has been a time or two when I have been extra busy after the weekend and don't get it done until Tuesday. I don't like it when this happens, but at least I get there and feel I have then connected with you and my family.

Today is a special day in this household. My hubby has a birthday. Sometime today we will open gifts and I have a yummy dinner planned. 

Cheeky fella. He often makes me laugh. Every day in fact. This was the last load of green waste. 

He is very clever and full of ideas. Over the weekend he reused a staircase from the deck we demolished a few years ago. It has always been tricky to get down to the orchard, not so hard to get back up the bank, but now we have easy access to and fro. I was excited as!!

And so was D2 when she spotted it later in the day. 

The neighbors ponies came to have a look. They were happy to receive some fresh grass from our side of the fence. 

On Saturday, D2 and I attended a High Tea we were invited to. Along with 30 other ladies we enjoyed great company, food, and games. Lots of laughs. 
It was a well organised event and we all came away with lots of praise. 

Until next time, I better go and prepare lunch. Tofu Stir fry (one of hubby's favourites)

...Dot (and it's windy here again today)

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