Monday, 3 November 2014


This could only happen in Tasmania. Last week we had wind, lots of rain, and a hail storm. This morning when I woke up it was still and I could hear the tin creaking on the roof. It was warming up. We have blue sky, hardly a breath of wind and its a holiday. 

We have the trailor again and we will be taking another green load to the tip or two. Hubby has just mentioned he wants to take another tree out. 

Last Saturday we took a trip up the coast and met with other family for a Christmas BBQ. We cooked the meat in the shed and then all went indoors where it was much warmer and enjoyed a wonderful few hours together.

I couldn't believe it when it was dessert time. There was so much to choose from. All homemade. Absolutely divine. I had to have a brandy snap, lemon meringue pie and fruit salad. 

Hubby is waiting for me outside, so I had better run....Dot

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