Monday, 2 March 2015


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Both ends of the day have turned cooler. The mornings are freezing. I have put my gloves aside today to wear tomorrow on our walk as my hands were frozen. The blankets have all been pulled up from the base of the bed and it won't be long and I will have to wear bed socks. 

It is the middle of the day and it is trying to reach 20 degrees but has only made to 15 so far. There is a slight breeze; the turbine out the kitchen window isn't doing much. But Hubby and I love Autumn. It is our favourite season here in Tasmania. 

I happily purchased some local honey. There normally isn't much there of the one we like (we don't like it too strong) and I was pleased to see a few there, so I grabbed them. Honey keeps well in the top of the kitchen cupboard and I used it daily and it only costs $10 a bucket.

D2 has the day off today. We walked around town and retrieved some fresh lemons. Every morning on rising I make hubby and I a warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. We follow this by some clear water. This is a great start to the day and helps cleanse our liver I'm sure. 


From the garden: I have some chips in the oven, have boiled some eggs and I am going to make up a salad with fresh lettuce leaves and tiny tomatoes. The tomatoes are very sweet. Delicious. 

Some more happy mail. Hope Mondays keep this up. I like it!!! 

Time for a cuppa and open my letter. Hope you have a lovely week and enjoy life where you are....Dot

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