Monday, 23 March 2015

Too Much

Hello! Another week has arrived and the alarm woke us to the sound of heavy rain. The alarm was turned off and we laid in for a bit longer. Nice.

Friday night we had a family get together at the homestead. Each family ordered hot potatoes from the local shop and we had a buzz together. It was wonderful. 

Too much: I have loads of apples ready to use. I have made apple sponge pudding so far and have lots of other recipes to try. I will also stew some and freeze for later in the year. Hot desserts for winter sounds great.

I also have too much rice. Beside having some rice in my pantry containers, I found this bag when I was in there recently. I have since found some different ways of cooking with rice. We have had Lemon Rice, Baked rice and rice with casseroles. Tonight I plan to make a rice dessert for dinner. I have yet to make Fried Rice and the list goes on. Variety is the key!! This bag expires in July so I have a little time. Stay tuned for more ideas over the next few months. 

Saturday was a beautiful day for getting outside. Hubby removed the boards from a handrail and sanded them down to paint. I am sitting on the other end to hold the board still.

And now I am on the other end. 

Then I got to do some of the painting. Should the weekend be favorable this week, hubby wants to put the boards back in place and give them another coat of paint.

This month (March) I received my secret pal gift from Canada. I was sent a fabric box along with a reference guide for Moda fabrics. The timing was perfect for the guide as I had just received a Moda 5" pack of fabrics a few day earlier (Horizon). I currently have a candle in the fabric box on the dining table. I thought I could also use it to put beside me when I am crocheting to hold needle, scissors, stitch markers etc. I am always losing these little things and to have them in one spot would be handy. 

That's all for another week ... Dot 

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