Monday, 16 March 2015

Hello Monday

Monday is nearly over here. The sun is going down and as you are aware I try to get this blog up on Monday and I still have time.

Today D2 had her rostered day off and so we have been setting up a date time around town. With the opening of a new cafe, we meet there at 10.30 and follow that with whatever may pop up with either of us and finish the time together by getting the mail. This comes around fortnightly and I am loving it. 

Yesterday was my father-in-laws birthday. He turned 84 and hubby currently has all his siblings here (6 of them) in our little corner of the world. We had a wonderful time of celebrations yesterday and there are plans to catch up again during the week.

The bib I showed you a few weeks ago has been wrapped up with a little card I made for a new little girl called Frankie.

I completed a bib for a baby boy. 

Last week was very cold and I needed to get my slippers completed to wear. I had them knitted up, I needed only to put the soles on them and sew them together. The last couple of days had been nice and warm. Looks like we should get some Autumn weather. 

While having breakfast today, hubby spotted this colourful parrot outside our window. 

Hubby has arrived home for dinner. Bye for now ... Dot

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