Monday, 9 March 2015

Eight Hour Day Long Weekend

This month we have had another long weekend. Of course, we planned to do some things with it and have had a great weekend. 

On Friday my preserved lemons were ready to open and try. D2 invited hubby and I for dinner that night and instead of gravy or mint sauce with our lamb we had thinly sliced preserved lemons. She didn't salt the vegetables so they went well with the whole meal.

Surprise surprise, she made dessert for us. It was a parfait made up of mangoes, coconut cream etc. Very delicious.

Over the weekend I finished my gift to send to my March secret IGpal. Her colour preferences were peach, green and blue so I made a Mandala to suit. 

Homemade crumpets. Oh my! You will never buy crumpets again. Unless of course, they are homemade. I invite all my readers to find a recipe and if you have a pan, egg rings and some jam or honey you are set. They freeze well to use later in the toaster.

I was watching Martha Stewart one afternoon last week and she made Potato Gnocchi. It looked so easy I had a go. Mmm, I will make it again. 

I hope I have inspired you to make something from scratch ... Dot 

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