Monday, 8 October 2012

4 Year Old

Saturday September 8th
Tomorrow marks the day when our first grand child was born 4 years ago. Time does fly and the beauty of it is she spent her first 18months of her life in my life most of the time. I babysat her 1 day a week while her mother helped out in the local christian bookstore. I well remember her staying with me for a few nights just before they left to go interstate. It is always great to catch up with them and have valuable family time together and I certainly have a special bond with my 'little lady' that I trust will grow stronger as they years go by.

Little lady held her party today and invited a couple of families around to join in the celebrations. We were happy to be able to join in with her on her birthday.

Pass the parcel game. Little Munchkin only had her eyes on the chocolate frogs that others were collecting on each unwrap. They had to keep them out of site of her and hide them in a pocket or under their leg. She did manage to get hold of one but it was quickly given back to the owner.

It was a good day again!!!

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