Saturday, 6 October 2012

Good Coffee

Thursday September 6th

At home we spoil ourselves with good coffee daily but when away we turn to pre-ground coffee beans and use a plunger. Today turned out to be the day we went into town so Hubby and I bolted, eager to find a good coffee when we arrived there.

And so we did and shared a piece of apple cake along with it.

After this we caught up the girls and Hubby and I took the grand daughters while our daughters spent time together shopping. After a while we took the little ones to get lunch before the other 2 arrived. It was fun ordering for them and sitting down to have a meal together.

Looking very relaxed and fast asleep.

Then we all went to the library so Big Sis could collect a bag full of new books. I think she came away with about 9. We were soon to find which ones were her favourites!!

And, yes, little one had to find her selection, although she did not get to take any home.

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