Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Sunday September 16th
The 3 of us slept well in our new accommodation. After a yummy breakfast we headed out to church at Dreambuilders in Swan. We had a great time there. Caught up with those that we knew and enjoyed a chat over coffee afterwards. After leaving there we travelled to Hillarys to meet up with the rest of the family for lunch. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Everybody was out, it seemed, as there were people everywhere. We found a table to sit for lunch and enjoyed a nice meal together. We parted ways for the rest of the afternoon. Hubby, D3 and I went to Lakeside at Joondalup for supplies. We all met up again at 5pm for church at Kingdom City; (Hubby's sister and family attend here). We all enjoyed a great service, the children went out to the childrens program and afterwards we all went down the Macdonalds for dinner.
Even though we follow the gps etc we managed again to take the long route home. I took some shots on the way, but it was nice to climb into bed.


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