Thursday, 11 October 2012

Belated Gift

Tuesday September 11th
Last Christmas I sent gifts over here for my family in WA. The gift for my oldest grand daughter was still in the making and so she did not get it until I arrived a few days ago on this trip. When she opened it, a big 'WOW' escaped her mouth. It was very cute. And so today I got around to grabbing her along with her mother and took a photo of them holding it on the front verandah. Here it is...

Noah's Ark Quilt. It was a block of the month I received a couple of years ago and many hours of hand stiching went into the quilt. All the pieces were hand stitched in place using blanket stitch and when all put together I hand quilted all over in places. (Can you spot little munchkin in the background)

Today we also went for a drive, just four of us.

I took the back seat with this little cutie!!!

We pulled up at the Rabbit Proof Fence and my youngest daughter posed. Isn't she gorgeous?

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