Friday, 12 October 2012


Wednesday September 12th
We all popped into town today; Hubby and all the girls in the household. Main job on today's list was 'little lady's' 4 year check up which included needles. I went for moral support but it turned out to be more than that. I had to put my muscles to work and hold the little girl down to get her 2nd needle in the other arm. I have been told since by others that they usually get 2 nurses in and do both arms at once.

She came away with a lovely balloon and it wasn't long before she understood that she needed to get the needles in order to go to school next year. She was ok, bless her.

While we were at the clinic, Poppi was looking after 'little munchkin' and having a lot of fun.

Or at least she was about too!!! Belts on!!!

Loving it!!!

Bit blurry, but later when we caught up with the others, Poppi was happy to give them both a ride.

While we were in town, Anna received a call from her hubby as they were about to burn off near the house. We had finished what we came to town for so we headed home. We arrived home in time for plenty of action and lots to see. I stayed inside with the children and the adults ventured out to get a closer look.

Hope you are enjoying my memories of our trip to WA last month, still more to come.

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