Monday, 12 November 2012

From Above

Trust you had a lovely weekend. Hubby joined me in turning half a century and so we spent time over the weekend celebrating with family and friends.

From Above today came some warm wind at 6.30am. Around midday a flash of lightening appearred, a clap of thunder, followed by heavy rain then out came to sun to shine brightly for the remainder of the day. Spectacular, thats what variety we can have in a day in our corner of the world.

From above I took the following pictures.

These are my babies. I water them twice a day and they are going well as they soak up the sunshine streaming through the windows. What you can see on the left is a row of lettuces and on the right is capsicum seed I kept from a capsicum last year. Waiting to appear are cucumber, artichoke and tomatoes.

Something else I took from above was:

my daughter's freshly painted toenails. The weather is warming up for us to wear our open-toed sandels and so we have prettied up our toes to suit.

Do hope your day was a spectacular as mine....Dot

1 comment:

  1. I keep looking at my nail polish here on the computer desk and think I must make time to paint my finger and toenails!
    Sounds like a nice day!