Friday, 2 November 2012

Make lists

I like to make lists and the main places to find them in are the kitchen, the office, my handbag (daily planner and iphone). I won't bore you with them ALL, I am going to share only a few with you.

A few years ago my girlfriend from school days gave me this lovely Birthday Calendar. Because it is only includes the month and day it has been used year after year. Today I posted Auntie Joan gift as her birthday falls next Tuesday. I had crocheted her a dish cloth and made her a card. All the remaining gifts for this months birthdays have been wrapped except for one; still coming in the mail.

I keep a list of each years giving in the back of an old diary. This way I don't repeat gifts and also know what I have given. Its a good way to remember and leave room for more creativity.

(I only showed a portion of my list as it would give too much away, girls!!!)

And on the opposite page I have a Christmas List. I just had a look back and I have been doing these lists for five years. It makes for interesting reading. As I pick things up when I am out shopping etc I add them to the list and put the items in a big crate in the cupboard.

Have a great weekend. Ours is a long one and we have a list to get through...Dot

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