Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Each year I take a risk by putting in a vegetable garden. I must admit the garden soil has improved much because of the effort I have put in by adding my own compost etc and I am getting the hang of what I can grow there and be able to put on the table. It is amazing how the neighbour next door and the friend down the road can grow produce that I cannot. Something that helps too is the shade I have put up around the garden as protection.

Standing at the corner of my patch I am showing you some broad beans, potatoes coming up well in the back ground and to the right there is a row of carrots and next to that sunflowers that popped up from seed in the ground from last year. In amongst the sunflowers I have some peas growing.

Over the back is some climbing butter beans that I am trying out for the first time this year. They are coming up well and I have created a strong trellis for them to climb.

In the tyre there are some snow peas trying to come to something. At least I will get a few to enjoy on salads. We have been using the abundance of different coloured siverbeet. It has been lovely. Under the bird net the raspberries are growing. This is their 3rd year and have been giving a better crop each year.
I have had a massage today and am going to rest for the remainder of the evening. I think a movie is about to start....Dot


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