Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Makes You Think

My weekly meal planner sits on the bench in the centre of the kitchen. Every few days I note down what we are having at meal times. The first place I check at the start of the week is the Family Calendar and my daily planner to see what is on during the week as it usually determines what is put on the plate. Next I go to the fridge and see what is in there to use up.

Last Sunday I cooked up a huge spaghetti bolognaise and so we have been eating that since. The last 2 serves will be gone tomorrow as only 2 of the family will be here for lunch. D3 and I are off to the coast to have her car serviced. Because we are out tomorrow night it is a quick meal planned for dinner when we get home, Curry & Coconut Cannellini on rice.

Some things are set in concrete, for example, crepes on Saturday morning. If, for some reason, we are unable to have the crepes, hubby is sorely dissappointed as he has to wait until the next Saturday. Its easy to make up some soup each day for lunch with crackers and dip if there are not any leftovers. I make up a different soup recipe each time so that we have plenty of variety in our diet. Because we have 2 birthdays this week we are eating out a few times with family. Usually for dinner we try to have salad or steamed vegetables, or both, along with a protein.

A peak into my fridge. It is well supplied for a few days with fresh goods and leftovers.

I value the time taken to plan meals this way and feel a sense of achievment when at the end of the day there is less waste, satisfied stomachs and a balanced budget.

Tomorrow we venture outside. Until then, don't think too hard for too long...Dot

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